Rose: Pretty, right? When I saw it in the store, I knew I had to get it!
Juleika: Awesome.
Alya: It's so you!
Marinette: And it's pink, just how you like them!
Rose: I know! It's just so romantic…
Chloé: (from a distance) It is pretty, pretty pathetic! Hahaha! Seriously, why do you get so excited over such a bland notebook?
Marinette: Don't listen to her Rose, she's just being jealous.
Chloé: Uh-uh! Me, jealous? Of course not! I wouldn't want her tasteless notebook, even if she paid me to take it from her! Hahaha!
Alya: No one cares what you think, Chloé! (Rose starts crying)
Marinette: Don't listen to that brat Rose, your notebook looks amazing!
Juleka: Yeah, it's awesome.
Alya: Yeah, Juleka's right!
Marinette: Don't worry Rose. We all love your notebook and more importantly, you love it, remember?
Rose: No. No, Chloé's right! There's nothing special about it!
Marinette: What if we made it special then?
Rose: What? How?
Marinette: We could all write something on it!
Alya: Mm-hm, great idea girl!
Juleka: Awesome.
Alya: Let's do this! And you could draw something too, Marinette. (Chloé looks distressed from a distance)
Juleka: (writing on the notebook) "Dear Rose, you're awesome."
Alya: (writing on the notebook) "To Rose, the sweetest person I know." (Chloé is disgusted from a distance)
Marinette: (writing on the notebook) "Dear Rose, this notebook is just like you: pink, stylish and unique!" (she draws a picture of a rose)
Rose: Ah! It's so beautiful! Thank you Marinette, thank you girls. You're the best friends ever!
Nino: Whoa! Way cool, Marinette!
Adrien: Yeah, this rose looks amazing! You're really talented Marinette. (Marinette blushes)
Marinette: (stuttering) Wah- Thank you, Adrien.
Chloé: Grr, ridiculous, utterly ridiculous! (Chloé leaves)

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